Why Keystone?

For homeowners and business operators, security in the new millenium is a serious matter. You need a reliable, affordable protection from a reputable, established firm. Keystone delivers - we offer advanced systems and equipment, installed and managed by trained professionals.

Serious security is more than just hardware and monitoring - it's about quality customer service.

Keystone has earned a reputation for out-standing customer care. Our business is founded on a solid base of referrals from customers who know they can rely on Keystone for superior security technology and service excellence.

As a mid-sized, owner-operated and managed firm, Keystone understands the importance of quality and attention to detail.

Choose the right system .. the system you need

We provide competitive, detailed pricing on comprehensive systems for residential and commercial projects of all sizes, or individual equipment, service and monitoring quotations.

You choose systems and equipment designed to suit your specific individual residential or commercial needs. Keystone offers a wide range of components and opinions:

  • Video surveillance systems
  • Remote Internet access including smartphone apps
  • Telephone entry and intercoms
  • Integration and automation
  • Intrusion systems
  • Burglary and fire protection
  • 24/7 Monitoring via land line, cellular and internet
  • Complete commercial and residential systems

Maximize your existing commercial systems and hardware!

Keystone provides expert analysis and consulting on retrofit security systems, upgrades and renovations for commercial projects.

Get expert advice from professionals who know the security industry and can make current technology work for you.

Take advantage of advanced video technology

State-of-the-art video surveillance is now available at an affordable price for all your commercial or residential needs.

No more tedious image scanning on tape - advanced video motion detection interprets movement, so no extraneous data is recorded. Systems engage when activity is triggered in pre-determined, defined areas.

Store data efficiently, and access information quickly and easily using computer search functions.

Remote video access centralized control systems allow you to observe images from any camera location via the internet using a simple Web browser.

A Pan-zoom tilt joystick enables you to remotely view and actively survey a room or area. Video monitoring station personnel can quickly "look in" on your premises to immediately source the cause of a problem.

Keystone Security Systems Inc.

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